About the Leather

By purchasing our handmade leather goods, you are also stating that you understand that leather is an organic material. It can show scars or other marks of the animal's life and all the leather hides are not looking similar. These marks and variations are what makes leather a beautiful medium. Every mark tells a story and gives your leather product a unique identifying mark.

Our products are made using full grain leather that is 1.4-1.6mm thickness.

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is the top layer of the hide. The vertical fibers of this part of the leather make it the strongest and most durable part of the hide, it will not crack or peel, tear or puncture. The grain pattern is tighter and consequently resistant to moisture.

Part of the beauty of Full Grain leather is its unique appearance: every piece tells the story of the animal. All markings and irregularities are preserved: scars where the animal has brushed against a barbed wire fence or cactus, insect bites, even brand marks or wrinkles.

As anyone who has owned Full Grain Leather will know, it becomes more beautiful with age, developing a rich patina as the years go by. It is the only type of leather which ages in this way. It is, in short, the best leather that money can buy, which is why it is the main leather used by Chisel & Mallet for the making of our products.